OnStar Guardian App Expands OnStar Services

OnStar | Bloomington, IN

For years, the OnStar suite of services has been a staple of the safety offerings from GM. Now, the automaker is taking this offering to the next level with the OnStar Guardian app.  

OnStar Guardian, which can be downloaded by you and up to seven family members with the purchase of a compatible GM model. It enables you to access all of the services OnStar has via the convenience of your mobile device. This means that OnStar is no longer constrained to the cabin of your vehicle when it comes to providing you with assistance.

“OnStar Guardian reimagines what it means to have OnStar protection – it’s no longer a technology that is solely tied to the vehicle. This app helps OnStar members and their loved ones be safe out there using the power of OnStar, no matter what vehicle they are in,” said Jeff Haase, head of OnStar Guardian.

With OnStar Guardian, you can reach out to an OnStar advisor 24 hours a day. If need be, this advisor can reach out to emergency services and send them your way. They can also help you with acquiring roadside assistance in the scenario of a crash, flat tire, or dead battery.

If you’d like to know more about the services that OnStar or other GM technologies offer, contact us at Curry Auto Center. We’re here to make sure you get the most out of your GM vehicle.

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